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Every attempt has been made in the design of the Balon valve to provide as safe a valve as is practicable within the scope of economic feasibility for the user. Balon then encased these safety improvements in a rugged bolted body assembly capable of better withstanding violent thrust loading and line stresses so common in highpressure line applications.

In the closed position, the ball is free to move downstream onto the secondary metal seating, balon slot at that moment as a simple ball check valve.

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Hazards associated with bolted stem retainers and packing adjustment screws or bolts have been eliminated. Certain standard designs originated early and were followed through by ball valve manufacturers in the years following the advent of the ball valve itself during World War II.

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The absence of backseating in early designs opened the way for stem blowout in the event of failure of the retaining assembly or as a result of forcible operation of the valve. Crafted for hard use and extra staying power.

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Simplified Top Works Bolts and glands and complicated stem assemblies are totally absent in the Balon valve to assure a simpler, more trouble-free valve. Handle and Handle Bolt are optional. External elements such as dirt, sand, and salt air atmosphere are kept out. Two seals, but only one acting at any given time. Sealing effectiveness is sustained and extended.

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In operation, with prime seals in place, this controlled spacing prevents damage to the surface finish of the ball. Even the stops are internal and give dual precise topping support during opening or closing.

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Installation is quick and easy, and it requires no special tools. Hardware and Accessories Bracket fastener nuts, internal tooth lock washers, snap rings, grease with an applicator, and actuator hardware metric and imperial hex head cap screws with lock washers are included in each actuation package.

As described on the facing page, the multi-seal seat design has given impetus to the development of an overall valve which embodies several design improvements. Dual stops keep ball in precise position against the seat, and in the open position this prevents exposure of the seat to damage and wear from the flow. Where actuator mounting is concerned, versatility is a virtue. Proper alignment of actuator and valve stem is critical to the successful installation of any ball valve actuator.

Backseated Stem Stems are backseated and therefore blowout proof. Often these bolted arrangements also provided stem packing adjustment. New Solutions For Old Problems The Balon design represents the result of a total attack on specific problems associated with the outdated design. A Combination of Improvements As shown here, the Balon design is simple, yet solves these problems.

Firesafe design and built-in locking device are standard on the Series F.

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And they provide metalto-metal backup sealing in the event of a fire. The problem of leaking stems was amplified because of the complexity of the assembly itself. Each bracket is drilled with multiple ISO bolt hole circles to accommodate various actuator sizes.

When power actuation is the objective, the Balon Actuation Mounting Package is the answer, even if the valve is already installed and in operation. Straight Ahead Ball Movement The stem tongue is keyed into a linear milled slot, straight and perpendicular to the bore of the valve.

It can also goliath casino seen that the stem is backseated, and with seals in place the primary stem seal holds the stem off of metal shoulder machined in the valve body. Valve closed and seals intact. Valve safety is no accident.

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This secondary metal-to-metal sealing is also provided internally behind the seat area. This plate has integral broached stops contralaterally positioned so that the stem is stopped simultaneously on both sides whether being opened or closed. Problems of adjustment, blowout resulting from failure of retaining assembly, and external attack by corrosion and foreign abrasives are all solved.

No release of hazardous material. We do it by design. The stem area is grease-packed and protected by dual plastic weather guards to shield this vital area from external elements. For more information on the Balon Actuation Mounting Package, contact your Balon representative or inside sales at Balon Corporation today.

Rather, it represents the bringing together of interrelated improvements, resulting in total improvement and total superiority.