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He also changed his name to Edward Nigma to fit his new compulsion for puzzles, as well as possibly honouring his first alias, though at some point he also gained the moniker of the Riddler. To maintain his cover within the GCPD, Nashton may have cultivated genuine criminal ties himself as he was soon contacted by Black Mask or so he thought to distract the vigilante.

Loeb as GCPD Commissioner, various media outlets received envelopes from an anonymous individual containing evidence that implicated Hill and Grogan as having ties with the Maroni Family. He escaped custody on multiple occasions, but his confrontations with Batman caused a decline in his mental health, and transformed him into a quizzical psychopath fixated on outsmarting and ultimately killing Batman.

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Waller ordered him to be executed painfully. The agents broke through his skylight, pinning Riddler to his computer. Riddler then opened fire on Batman his stolen gun, but the Dark Knight dodged his shots, threw a Batarang that lodged in his shoulder, and then knocked him out.

However, with a smirk, he asked he one last riddle: Assault on Arkham Incident I'm the one who asks the questions here. Riddler begged him to tell him, but Strange scoffed, and said that if he could do it, it must be child's play for him.

Before solving the last few riddles, Batman located the Riddler's signal and notified the police. Once the Broker solved the riddler, they met in the visitor center.

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Enigma accepted temporary defeat, while he claimed that he had held onto the biggest, dirtiest secret that had put his collection of data to shame. Undeterred, Edward dedicated himself to learning, and became a skilled engineering and computer hacking genius. His head then exploded when an enraged Waller had detonated the bombs. Regardless of whether he ran for office or not, his resignation meant that Grogan did not become Commissioner.

While the Dark Knight fought off the agents, Riddler attempted to escape through a vent, losing his hat; however, as his hands had been tied up, he didn't get far.

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I know how to diffuse them. To "improve" the city's standing, Nashton used his position and skills to coordinate a batman arkham knight riddler casino puzzle network of operatives and compile a large collection of blackmail material connected to prominent Gotham officials.

It was strongly implied that Enigma had been the one who was responsible, as he had yet to reveal his "biggest, dirtiest secret. Waller told most of them that the Riddler had stolen top secret information about her Suicide Squad operation, and only briefed Killer Frost about her real motive: The Riddler accidentally revealed this information to Dr.

Penelope Young was assigned as his psychiatrist.

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The Riddler made his way to a hidden location in Old Gotham and contacted Batman by hacking into blackjack hot streak same communication signal that the Dark Knight had also used to contact Oracle.

He explained that it was the same reason that she wanted him dead in the first place: This eventually drove him to ensure the Dark Knight didn't have a chance of winning, by eliminating any fair play. After Batman had solved his final riddle, the Riddler declared he had begun to implement Gotham's "greatest riddle. She had several uneventful interviews with her new patient, but Riddler did tell her about his father and how he saw everyone as "morons".

Nashton broke in late at night and put the puzzle together as many times as possible until he had the winning solution.

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With the information memorized, Riddler paid Poison Ivy for help; she provided him with a vial, which when smashed, would release a man-eating plant to distract the guards. But then one day, he changed.

Whenever Batman picked up a map of where all the challenges where in a section of Arkham, Riddler mocked him for needing help when the Dark Knight was supposed to be the World's Greatest Detective.

Finally, after destroying all relays, interrogating all informants, and collecting all the data packs, Batman came back to Enigma's HQ and destroyed his server. To Riddler's surprise, he found a homeless man had entered his lair, seeking shelter.

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Strange declared that Riddler's delusions of grandeur and his obsessive riddle compulsion had continued to rule his every move.