R - Slash 4X4 Platinum Low CG Chassis

Chasis slot 4x4. Spartan Chassis

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Front and Rear Sway Bars Sway bars reduce chassis roll and increase corner speed on high-traction surfaces—perfect for hard-packed tracks and pavement running. On the track, the low center of gravity allows the Slash 4X4 Ultimate to put Velineon power down with superior traction, resulting in harder launches and faster lap times.

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The bar thicknesses are precisely tuned, and are easily adjusted for maximum cornering performance. The GTR shocks feature PTFE-coated bores for nearly frictionless piston travel, and their slick titanium-nitride coated shafts resist scuffing, increase durability, and eliminate "stiction. The slot besplatna igrica action can be adjusted by using different fluid viscosities for specific driving conditions.

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The Traxxas servo features ball bearings for precise action and a waterproof case to keep moisture, dirt, and dust out of the geartrain. The Velineon system is optimized for smooth, high-speed performance and refined control to help you hug the fast line and precisely meter out power at the edge of traction.

On practice days, reverse control lets you back away from the pipes; on race day, lock out reverse to follow the rules while everyone else follows you.

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Extreme Brushless Power and 4WD require a chassis that won't flex under load for arrow-straight, hard-charging acceleration. Track-proven with the National Championship-winning Response Pro tires for Revo, the soft S1 compound is engineered for competition and gives Slash 4X4 Platinum Edition extra grip in all conditions.

Solid aluminum construction guarantees race-ready strength and stiffness.

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Underneath, the chassis is ultra-smooth to reduce drag and prevent snags whether you're blasting through the whoops on the track or blazing trails in your backyard.

High Strength Machined Aluminum C-Hubs Slash 4X4's unique C-Hub design is already Traxxas Tough; this artfully machined aluminum version is stronger still, and preserves the 4X4's carefully engineered steering and suspension geometry for track-ready performance. The optional Center Differential transfers power to the front and rear differentials independently for smooth power delivery in rough conditions and maximum corner speed.

Aluminum Steering Blocks Precision-machined for total steering accuracy and bulletproof strength, Traxxas Aluminum Steering Blocks are the perfect match for the aluminum C-hubs and further refine Chasis slot 4x4 4X4 Platinum Edition's razor-sharp handling.

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The clear body is crisply molded in tough, crystal-clear polycarbonate, and fully trimmed for a fast finish. The battery not included and electronics are held as low as possible to position weight low in the chassis.

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High-Torque Digital Servo Prepping the Slash 4X4 Platinum Edition for action is fast and easy--just plug the installed speed control and high-torque steering servo into your receiver. Window masks and overspray film make it easy to get professional results. Slash 4X4 Platinum Edition features installed silver sway bars, and a stiffer set of black 'bars for extra-high-grip surfaces.

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The brilliant-blue anodized finish adds high-tech style, and the laser-etched logos show your truck is equipped with genuine Traxxas performance parts.