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Coffees, hot cocoa, soft drink, and juices were clearly visible. The salad bar items were a mere shadow of the before closing items. Gone was the breakfast items.

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So the service and comfort level was the same. The sugar-free cheesecake was in the New York style. Five dollars for a meal voucher and five dollars in play. You can imagine the visiting, memories, chukchansi gold casino buffet laughter that was shared.

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If you like an uncrowded casino then this is the place for you. There were sugar-free apple pie and four or five different varieties of sugar-free cookies. Class of 60 Year Reunion Our 60th reunion was a smashing success! My brother-in-law tried to get texas holdem odds calculator online free to refill the cold shrimp at the salad bar to no avail.

Chukchansi Casino Buffet

I considered the buffet as the crown jewel and it is no longer. There are plenty of desserts.

I had the fajitas and they were tasty and hot. So far we have the following: The Chinese food bar was still there and plentiful.

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That space was an island of calm midst the busy summer season. We started Friday evening, June 19,with a buffet dinner and get-acquainted evening at Janet Adams Whitla's ranch at Hornitos. This time there was a very large drink dispensing area.

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A short time later it opened up and we were in line for a good meal. There appeared to be fewer wait staff and food line workers.

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The arrival desk is no longer close to the cnn gambling doors like before. Leading this section was a Model T Ford dating from the school's first year, Meet Alexa on Amazon.

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The gaming floor was empty. The procession was led by the MCHS bandfollowed by a collection of vintage and antique autos.

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We were in touch with 15 more who couldn't come for various reasons. Then, a few drove up to Yosemite Valley for a picnic at the Yosemite Elementary picnic tables.

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There was one change. The meats were tender and jack gambling. Look for pictures of the shirt and other centennial photos on the Alumni Association photo gallery page.

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It is now located deep within the casino. The custom-made stir-fry bar was still in place. There were several hundred Grizzly alumni representing classes from the s to the s.