Cooking Fever - How To Get More Gems

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Increasing Level Playing Time If you find you don't have enough time in a level to cook and serve all your customers, you will need to upgrade Interior items that increase a customer's patience. Upgrading this item ensures you get an increased price on every order of a meal. Some customers will briefly ask for these treats randomly during their wait for food.

They're a good place to store prepared food, especially if you know an item will be popular on a level. Serve the simplest dishes first. Get a jump start on each level by cooking main ingredients before the first customer arrives. When starting a new restaurant, upgrade all Kitchen and Interior items that are coin-only upgrades upgrades that don't cost gems Save up enough coins BEFORE you buy a new restaurant so that you can immediately upgrade all non-gem Kitchen and Interior items.

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The Casino becomes available at XP Level 7. Increasing Customer Tips Special food treats become available in each restaurant around Level They each have kitchen equipment and interior items that have to be upgraded also using Coins and Gems in order to pass higher levels. Item upgrades improve seating, entertainment or atmosphere.

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When you play the level, make sure to pre-cook plenty of that food item in advance. Singapore casino nearest mrt can also separately upgrade the price of the specific item it prepares to increase its earnings.

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You don't automatically get the income; you have to manually click on the Claim button to get the Daily Income from each restaurant. You can also separately upgrade the price per portion of the primary ingredient being prepared. Play the Casino after you claim your Daily Income.

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Cooking Fever has also recently begun adding special game challenges. Roulette andreas l is sometimes cheaper to pass a level by giving out treats than it is to upgrade to more expensive kitchen or interior items.

Main serving glendale casino phoenix az cooking ingredient - this is located underneath the Kitchen Tabletop and stores the main ingredient or dinnerware that is used for all dishes in a restaurant such as burger buns, pizza dough, cake mix, serving plates, etc.

This also displays how many points are needed to advance to the next experience level. After level 20, it becomes available for purchase; refills cost 3 gems. On each level, one or two food items will be ordered more than others. Because otherwise you will quickly realize you don't have enough gems to do the necessary upgrades if you are playing multiple restaurants at once.

The higher the level in the restaurant, the more Coins you receive for passing the level. These are only available for 72 hours and you'll need quite a few gems to purchase them. The goal is to pass each level with a 3 star rating.

How To Get More Cooking Fever Gems

You will also want to return to the game each day to claim the Daily Income from each restaurant. But if you want to try to play without spending your own money, there are still ways to accumulate enough gems.

Instead, focus on just passing all the restaurant levels first. Based on what we've seen, it looks like you'll need to earn between above the minimum score to earn a two star rating, and between above the minimum score to earn a three star rating. Casino The Casino first becomes available once you have an XP level of 7. Overall Game Strategy When you first start playing the game, you should keep your goals simple and remain patient.

Return to the game daily for your Welcome Back reward; after day 7 you will receive 2 gems per day daily of consecutive game play. Work towards getting the maximum daily gems each day.

For some reason, it's a little harder to win 15 gems when you have a low XP so replay higher levels in the Fast Food Court until you've reached XP Level The casino is not a good place to gamble for extra coins. Hand these treats to impatient or unhappy customers when the treat icon appears next to their order.

These are, however, only suggestions.

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The add-on item - this is an item that a customer might order in addition to their main order and beverage. Your level of experience is displayed at the top right of the screen. We've tried to save you the guess work by making upgrade suggestions for you for each restaurant.

Do these 3 things to help you rack up gems: These tasks may be related to overall game play, or may be specific to a restaurant.

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We only play the casino twice per day if we're super low on gems, because of the large amount of coins needed to play the casino twice per day. It's only there for a few seconds. You will want to return to the game each day to claim the Daily Income from each restaurant.

Serve these treats on levels where you are having a hard time earning enough horarios de casino tigre to get 3 stars. Our individual restaurant pages provide a list of each task and the Game Achievements list can be found here.

You receive coins each consecutive day you return to the game. You can access the Game Acheivements list by clicking on the Trophy icon on the bottom right side of the main location screens.