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On 3 Octoberthe Mayor of Niagara Falls opened the new Queen Street Downtown Park featuring a children's playground complete with soft artificial turf, benches, seating, landscaping and the "Water Molecule" sculpture, created by artist Derek Costello. The collected money is untraceable, and there are no controls over how each establishment spends it.

And then I got to sit right next to the pilot and wear one of those headphone-thingies just like they do on The Bachelorette. I also got to go inside the E.

The Ontario government introduced legal gambling to the local economy in the mids. Its tourist areas had many attractions and a vibrancy, while Niagara Falls, New York languished in a prolonged economic downturn. Fallsview casino entertainment february 2016 property is located closer to the American falls and attached to the waterpark, Casino Niagara, and a host of other facilities.

I already knew the ride was going to be pretty much the coolest, but it was made even cooler by the fact that I got to be shoved into the helicopter by a bunch of cute boys. If the Canadian side were better, I would totally tell you. Public tours of the cave were available until it was closed down because, apparently, it was deemed really unsafe to hang out in a crumbley, old cave behind a massive, thundering waterfall.

These days, Cave of the Winds consists of a series of wooden walkways and platforms built at the base of the Bridal Veil Falls. But, in the case of Niagara Falls, the American side is way awesomer. I mean, any country that thinks to smother their fries in cheese curds and gravy is totally genius by me.

Well, on a recent trip with Niagara Tourism and Convention CorporationI found even more reasons to love the American side. Go to the casino if it is your thing. However, even though we had a lot of fun, we were a bit underwhelmed when we went inside. Plus, the people at the Center were really nice, and they even gave me this necklace: Too bad they were all dead.

Also, Ontario's legal drinking age of 19, in comparison to a legal drinking age of 21 in the U. I was also disappointed to see they did not have a lazy river, which is always a huge crowd favorite. We opted to stay at the Sheraton Fallsview. Just chilling in front of Niagara Falls.


Especially hot Native American dudes doing crazy stuff with hula hoops. The good news is not only the water park, but the entire area makes for such a fun weekend. Tennis Courts, Laurels Hotel and Country Club, Sackett Lake, NY, Using my research into the past as a map, my expeditions led me to discover each site lying entangled within a resurgence of nature, with residuals from squatters, paint-ballers and scrappers fueling each encounter I had with a ruin.

We have been to the big daddy of waterparks, Kalahari Sandusky, a couple of times, though it has been a couple of years since our return. The water park includes a kids area with tipping bucket, slides, etc. That being said, when comparison shopping for new waterparks to visit vs others out of our area, there is no such thing as a deal on a weekend. Whereas the American side offers a lot more unique food experiences, in my opinion.

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Tales of the Borscht Belt were practically unavoidable in car rides or dinner table conversations as a kid. The restaurants there tend to be more touristy and of the chain-variety. Sure, you can take a helicopter ride over the Falls from the Canadian side, but will there be cute boys pushing you into a helicopter and a title belt involved?

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We were in the area mostly to take in the Fallsview Waterpark. Which side is your favorite? Attached to the complex is an arcade as well as the Rainforest Cafe, where we spent one of our meals.

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Whereas this is your typical afternoon on the Canadian side: Vada Gets Toxic We were also given the opportunity to peak in on the fallsview rooms. Industry began moving out of the city in the s and 80s because of economic recession and increasing global competition in the manufacturing sector. And I have a big head and an even bigger appetite, you guys. And then my ride ended with me having my picture taken while holding a wrestling title belt.

The Ontario government—concerned tourists could be misled into believing the fees were endorsed by the government—warned hotels and restaurants in not to claim the fee if it was not being remitted to a legitimate non-profit agency that promotes tourism. Seriously, you guys, when has Canada ever invited me into its mausoleum to check out its crypts?

How we came about that decision was sort of by accident.

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Like with national healthcare. The city encourages location filming of movies and TV series and many have taken advantage of locations. Our family has stayed closer to the Canadian falls many times, and while it is nice to see one of the wonders of the world, it really does not compare to the fun that be had down the road.

Just to give you an idea as to why I think the American side is better, this is a picture of your typical afternoon on the American side: Casino Niagara precipitated an economic boom in the late s as numerous luxury hotels and tourist attractions were built, and a second casino, Niagara Fallsviewopened in People always saying the Canadian side is better.