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A traditional pork chop bun only consists a piece of pork chop and a bun without additional ingredients like lettuce or cucumber.

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Koi Kei Bakery is one of the most popular place to buy traditional Macau and Chinese style snacks in Macau and bring them home as souvenirs. One of the popular activity to do at Macau Tower is bungee jumping. Photography is strictly prohibited in all Macau casinos.

It is almost 'mandatory' for any visitors to visit Koi Kei Bakery every time they visit Macau. Sometimes, I really wonder how the shops survive. We lost about HKD in just a few hours.

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So we did not have a huge budget to gamble because we did not expect the minimums to be so high. Be prepared to do lots of walking as the complex is really huge. The fish balls are covered in so much sauce that we could not tell what it was supposed to be. We visited the Galaxy Macau casino on the next night again and decided to try our luck this time.

Although everything is duty free, branded goods are still branded; they are extremely expensive.

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The streets around Senado Square is full of historical colonial building with Portuguese influences, housing small boutiques and shops selling local snacks and souvenirs. To get to the Grand Canal Shoppes, take the escalator to the third floor.

If you stand long enough to watch the many Chinese gamblers who have played at the Baccarat table, you will notice that most of the players tend to squeeze the cards tightly between their fingers, slowly peeked at the cards before throwing them back to the dealers.

It is here that you will to see and experience the true Macau.

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We bought a small bowl of fish balls and beef offal and started munching away. Eventually, we changed our plans and decided to allocate two days of our trip to Hong Kong and another two days to Macau. We tried the pork chop bun from one of the restaurant in Galaxy Macau.

Well, probably, but purely for the luxury hotel experience we have enjoyed in the city.

Pork chop is well-marinated and fried to a golden brown. Simply hop on and off the complimentary shuttle buses operated by the casinos to get to most of the genting casino blogspot casinos and into town.

I did not managed to take any photos in the casinos because I am not allowed to. Entering the complex of City of Dreams, we were greeted by the Vquarium Virtual Aquarium - a huge LED projector screen displaying a virtual underwater world with fish and mermaid.

Venetian Macau We did not stay long at the casino, because as I said, genting casino blogspot did not intend to visit City of Dreams in the first place. While the shopping areas are empty, the casinos are constantly crowded with people. This is also where a statue of a Portuguese soldier named Mesquita originally stands.

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There are casino attendants walking around with the refreshment trolley. It is a small city that does not offer much interesting activities to do.

We approached one of the taxi driver and he asked us our destination. I actually find these actions very annoying, but it seems that the casinos do not mind at all even when the cards are creased till they were unusable anymore. However, I have a feeling that we were visiting just for the sake of visiting a famous landmark in Macau. The driver drove rather recklessly and pull a long black face throughout the ride.