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Feel like having a billiard table for rent in Santa Barbara to keep things fun? They showed how it could be used on the putting green to work on alignment, ball position, backstroke length, and putter path. One of the crown jewels of many slot machine collections is a machine made by the Superior Confection Company.

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Sticking with a training aid and using it consistently the right way is really one of the big keys to getting better at golf. Most dealers, especially on Ebay or at an auction, will not tell you. In the last 16 years this is the first Rock-Ola War Eagle we have ever handled.

Be sure to rent our full-size pool table available with LED light to give your event high energy, high quality shuffleboard table for rent, and LED poker table for rent. The number of Swing Bonus symbols collected will determine your slot multiplier during the bonus round.

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Each golf course comes with its unique multiplier which can be 1X, 2X, or even 5X your total bet and all this will depend on whether you place a birdie, eagle, or par. All wins pay from left to right.

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Additional Information Please email or phone us if you have any questions about any of the merchandise on our web site. We have lots more photos that we can email over.

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Contact Us Buy or Sell a Jennings Slot Machine Every antique Jennings classic slot machine in our inventory is original, authentic and comes with my exclusive 'lifetime guarantee' We are the largest authentic Jennings slot machine collector, buyer and seller in the USA! Sometimes a training aid is highly specialized to help you produce one specific result.

At first glance this may appear to be beautifully restored standard War Eagle - but it is not.

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The bonus round will come to an end when Out of Bounds Collect symbol is revealed. First, it works, and surprisingly quickly. With Party Pals arcade games rentals san Diego, you can choose from the largest inventory of interactive arcade games for rent southern California to make the party!

I like training aids that stand up to wear and tear. Please call when you're selling your antique Jennings slot machines. Reveal Hole in One Collect symbol in your first pick to win all the multipliers.

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New glass, award card and reel strips were installed. Select between 1 and 45 coins. Ordering Information For more information, send an e-mail to: Selling A Jennings Slot Machine?

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Inside that book was this incredible image of the Caille factory in Detroit, MI. The Golf Slot Machine fits that bill nicely for me, because it comes apart and fits nicely inside your bag, and it is nice and light weight. The Golf Slot Machine is at the higher end of the price range for simple training aids.

The original oak cabinet was disassembled and refinished. Limits The 9 paylines in this game are adjustable and so are the bets.

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During that span they produced some amazing machines that today are rarely seen. We do entertainment game rentals and arcade game rental in San Diego, game rentals and arcade game rentals servicing Los Angeles, corporate game rentals in the San Francisco Bay area, game rental service and arcade games for rent in Santa Barbara, picnic game rentals in San Jose, corporate amusement games for rent in San Francisco Bay area and game rental service and arcade game rentals servicing the Palm Springs area and other locations as well.

We regularly do special event rentals in Utah, event production in California and trade show games golf slot machine dimensions in Nevada. Party Pals game rentals can turn any event into an unforgettable experience. I spent some time with them in their booth and watched dozens of golfers of all abilities try it out.

When this happens, all your bonus multipliers are added together and your bonus winning will be bonus multiplier x win multiplier x total bet. The slot would then be fully restored and tested to assure that it works as well as a slot that came off the factory line. Some of the golfers struggled with that part initially.

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Five of these symbols in a line will award you with 12, coins. Original Vintage Slot Machines With Classic 20's to 50's Appeal If you're looking for a piece of the past, nothing is as exciting as playing a Jennings slot machine that quite possibly has been played by some of history's most colorful characters. All basic playing info is clearly indicated at the bottom of the screen.

For instance, 3 Swing Bonus symbols will win you 1x win multiplier, 4 Swing Bonus symbols will win you 2X win multiplier, and 5 Swing Bonus symbols will win you 5x win multiplier.

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We pay more than any other coin-op dealer for 1 or slots and trade stimulators in any condition. But it still costs less than a typical lesson. I recommend you get one. So their instructions could use a little beefing up. But I like training aids that are also versatile.