HipHop-o-potamus Pub Fruit Slot

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Click the Stop button to try and win the highest value payout. Click one of the highlighted Hold buttons to try and select a position to reveal the highest prize.

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The bonus squares are: Change Number Adds a Change Number bonus to the bonus game. It is not possible to collect the Nudge feature if it does not have a cash value. The multiplier is displayed in the information window. Another interesting thing about the Hiphopopotamus online slot is this game's bonus features.

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If you collect your nudge stack, you are returned to the reels where a win equal to your accumulated nudge cash value is nudged in. With rewards ranging from 2 to 16 times the value of your wager, you will need to score several combinations to really score a big win with these symbols. Click the Stop button. There will be a little confusion first when you are taken to the bonus feature, but you will find out that it is not that difficult to understand the extra feature at all.

This enables you to change the number on the Gamble Reel window to display a different random number. Each symbol is shown on the paytable with a multiplier, corresponding to the scope of the cash reward you are entitled to. If you select this feature, three random prizes are displayed in the information window. If you collect this feature, you are returned to the regular slot game and your Win Spins are automatically activated.

If you collect this feature, you are returned to the regular slot game.

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If players collect the nudges and it has a cash value, they are returned to the reels where a win, equal to the allocated cash value, is nudged in. Use these small bonuses wisely and you can easily increase your chances to hit the jackpot for no extra cost at all. Of course, there is the logo containing the purple hippo.

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Various multiplier values flash randomly on the Payout Table Trail. Win Spins are free spins. Each time a nudge feature is awarded the Hip Hop Hippo says one of several cheesy catchphrases such as fresh, representing or gangster. These sayings, the music and accompanying sound effects make it a very entertaining pub slots which make others look rather bland and plain.

If you win this feature, the multiplier values on the game board start to flash randomly. The bonus features include shuffle wins, extra life, change number, no lose, restart chance or boost which are applied to the bonus game.

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Click the Stop button to stop on hip hop hippo slot machine group of multiplier values. The multiplier values on the game board start to flash randomly again. The first and second multiplier values are then multiplied together and this total is awarded as a cash prize.

Spartacus Gladiator of Rome Start the rap battle HipHopopotamus follows certain basic rules that players need to know if they want to maximise their chances of winning big cash prizes on the reels.

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Nudges accumulated during the bonus game are allocated random cash values. You are often required to action after most spins which mean automatic spins would have been a pointless addition anyway. Close 2 the Edge Close 2 the Edge is a Gamble reel based feature. Spin the reels and win big The paytable of HipHopopotamus contains 9 different symbols in total, most of them related to the hip-hop universe of the game.

Click the Stop button to stop the reel in a winning position, before the reels automatically stop. The bonus features flash randomly. The high low bonus game is triggered once 8 trial counters have been collected. Description Extra Life The Extra Life bonus enables you to continue playing the bonus game even if you do not predict the outcome of the next gamble correctly.

You are shown a 7x7 game board which you must navigate by correctly guessing higher or lower 1 to Click a Hold button to select a reel. The paytable shows each of the comically themed icons and their respective payouts. The reels automatically spin in the symbol combination you stopped. On the other hand, use a hold to keep a specific reel into place for the next spin and add a little strategy to your game.

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If you collect nudges that do not have a cash value, or still have remaining nudges at the end of the feature, the nudges are banked for your next spin on the regular slot game. You have the extra life which gives you the chance to start over again. Betting Options and More Functions Players can choose from a number of coin denominations ranging from 0. The Hold buttons activate.

If you select this feature you are returned to the regular slot game. This is probably one of the cutest online slot games that Microgaming has ever created, not only when it comes to the graphics and its background sounds but most especially when it comes to the prizes. If you happen though to get three gold necklaces on the winning line, then your win will only be multiplied by 50 times, which is already a huge difference from the maximum prize.