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At least not until he learns how to from the majestic turtle.

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No one can say he doesn't own John Laraquette's Spine. This hand resembles SpongeBob's hand. Of all of the voices on the show, Bender's voice was the most difficult to cast. Bender can be considered the Futurama equivalent of Homer Simpson from The Simpsons, another animated series created by Matt Groening, though Homer Simpson is less likely to behave badly.

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Bender dies at the end of both of his what-if scenarios in each "Anthology of Interest" and both have one of the characters saying "Goodnight, sweet prince" Fry in the first and Farnsworth in the second to Bender when he dies. Bender's serial number is He cannot get up when he is knocked on his back. This is further evidenced in the what-if scenario in "Anthology of Interest II" when Bender is transformed into a human, he has a similar face and wears a white shirt, blue pants, and gray shoes.

They explain to SpongeBob that BlackJack has renounced his "criminal" ways of littering, and that their house was closed off due to a krill infestation. The door knocker on Blackjack's house has a hand attached to it with a bone sticking out.

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BlackJack's house is not seen when he builds the fence however The return address that has been covered by saliva can be made out as "BlackJack, Coral? It's also one that's occasionally casino off 91 frwy him in trouble with people who considered it racistto which he replied "So you're telling me that people don't actually talk like that?

The word "bender" can refer to a drinking spree, hinting at Bender's heavy alcoholism.

Some of his roles include:

This is the 4th episode where Patrick, Squidward, Mr. SpongeBob's father's first name is revealed to be Harold. Bender has named his hands "Grabby and Squeezy", and his footcups "Stompy and Smashy". SpongeBob imagines Blackjack as a giant.

Cohen joked about it also being "90 parts John DiMaggio". He is able to simultaneously reattach each of his severed arms with the other.

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Cohen was suggested for the role. A year later however, Bender presents a picture of himself when he was only a month old with a bottle of beer and a cigar, showing he has always been a "precocious little scamp". This episode implies that SpongeBob was even smaller than Blackjack when he was a child. However, the final code that must be entered is "0 0 0 Destruct 0" which leads to certain destruction.

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Trivia This is the second appearance of SpongeBob's grandmother, who first appeared in " Grandma's Kisses ". They meet when Bender is at the very least guilty and willing to kill himself over his dismay at finding out that the girders he had been bending were for suicide booths. The Search for Spock. SpongeBob's father's first name is revealed to be Harold.

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