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Available in 2, 4 and 8 ft standard lengths, with 6, 10 and 12 ft models available by special order.

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The light makes use of connectors, rather than hand-soldering, to attach the drive electronics to the LED pc board. Each tube lamp consists of a long skinny metal-core pc board with 60 medium power LEDs. The light itself is more than acceptable for garage and workshop lighting, as you can see in the spectral power distribution SPD below.

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Color in perfect harmony. The RAB 5-year, no-compromise warranty covers light output, color stability, driver performance, paint finish and labor. RAB's warranty is subject to all terms and conditions found at rablighting. At the other end of the spectrum the R12 blue is a respectable Feit claims a 50,hour lifetime that is, 45 years at 3-hrs ev very day.

Customer specific solutions

Looking for more indoor lighting? To recap — the light quality and performance are good for a shop light. And 5 years is a good warranty period especially compared to just about any other electronics product warranty. In the photo below, the bottom tube casino free spins sign up been completely removed with its innards pulled out, while the top tube is just resting on the metal clamp that it fits into.

Different horses for different courses. Pendant mount BOA comes complete with all required mounting hardware including 12 foot aircraft cables, ceiling canopies for a clean finish, and cable grippers for easy height adjustment after installation.

Color and size options. Surface mounting offers a clean flush mount directly to a ceiling or a wall.

Quite well, it turns out: Pendant and surface mount. Comes in matte silver and matte white, with matte black available by special order. As you can see, the LEDs are conventionally mounted on the pc board.

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The LEDs, mounted on a metal core pc board, slide into the plastic tube. Or, have the BOA custom painted any color by your painter to match your application precisely! These are good specs — especially the price.

In summary, the FEIT light is a good candidate for your garage, workshop, or barn, and is backed by a good guarantee. Light on a higher standard BOA is designed with proprietary optics that deliver maximum lumens and conceal the LED light sources behind the lens to create a pleasing dimensional illuminance with soft blended beam edges.

This is a good design decision: When I plugged it in, it turned on instantly.

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What about the design and construction? Recessed mounting BOA offers a trimless design for a clean and seamless appearance. Unlike fluorescent T8 lamps, the LED tube lamps do not need to be replaced and are maintenance-free.

The light is easy to take apart with four screws holding each end cover on. But how does it actually perform?

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