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Mbps, respectively, at 15 and 50 feet away from our router.

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Our review unit came with a single 4GB memory module installed, so it would be quite easy to upgrade to the maximum 8GB memory capacity by installing a second 4GB stick of RAM. Because these buttons are located on the lip of the machine, which has a slight downward slope, they were somewhat difficult to press until we got used to them.

Can the X do even better?

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Heat Despite having a speedier processor, this version of the VAIO Z actually ran cooler than the last-generation model. In other words, this ultraportable is ideal for giving deskside presentations, watching movies, and playing games and it has the graphics chops to back it up. It's still the fastest inch notebook out there, and it's 1.

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The tactile feel from each key is great with soft clicks emitting very little noise when fully pressed. Since the Windows 7 taskbar performs many of the same functions, we ultimately found VAIO Gate to be distracting, but its wavy design is certainly more attractive, and the icons are larger.

You get two standard USB 2.


Like most ThinkPads, the X will take the beating and keep working. There's no dedicated graphics chip however, so it's not suitable for games. Other design elements include four buttons above the keyboard: And that notebook weighs 1.

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While we wish it had Nvidia Optimus technology for automatic graphics switching, the VAIO Z remains one of the best notebooks of the year. The pinch-to-zoom gesture worked well in the Pictures library, but you don't have a lot of room vertically to stretch your fingers.

Lenovo ThinkPad X201: AFFS Screen Upgrade

However, they offered solid feedback. Both are responsive, although the touch stick's buttons take up space that could have been used for a larger touchpad.

Or, you can choose Auto mode, which basically means that the system will turn on Stamina mode automatically when you unplug. That runtime is below the category average of 5: Both of these numbers are well above the category averages of The Pros Blistering performance; Sleek design ; Bright, high-resolution display; Fast boot time; Comfortable backlit keyboard; WiMax and 3G mobile broadband available The Cons Below-average battery life; Touchpad a bit too sensitive; Still lacks Optimus auto graphics switching Verdict A faster Core i5 processor makes the ultimate ultraportable even better.

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However, Lenovo still makes it reasonably easy for those customers who want to upgrade the X on their own. Oh, and the engineers at Lenovo also managed to squeeze in a full size 54mm ExpressCard slot for accessories and port expansion. We're big fans of Lenovo's design, which hasn't really changed much in the last ten years.