MB com port pinout.

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TDP is a term related to maximum heat generation and such, so it's only loosely related to power consumption. It's like my rig has been reborn, and after almost 10 years it can actually keep pace with nowadays trends. For starters, I'm not into the overclocking business.

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If it uses say W or more, then it's best to use an 8 pin slot and an 8 pin connector. Also keep in mind that for each model number, there are sometimes multiple models- a regular locked CPU and a Black Edition multiplier unlocked. It's just that all my other forum subscriptions strongly encourage me to search for the problem and in case I find it anywhere, they compell me to continue my story there.

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What I can also expect though, for the worse, is the breaking of the cheap looking capacitors The board wasn't necessarily made to handle the extra power and it can misbehave as a result. The 4 pin connector is sometimes called the P4 connector.

I can even monitor the voltage provided to the CPU and several other components and I must say it's a heavy solid straight 1. I wouldn't recommend that anyone try to make their whole living off of it, but there is money in it.

Maximum load power consumption is a little more difficult to quantify because even parts of the same model can have a little variance mb slot momo hire casino tables for wedding power consumption.

TDP is also not necessarily even true. Looks like the electronics inside the TX series really stands out and earns it's money. For example, where you mentioned the FX at 5GHz, you are right in that it is best to have an eight pin connector. Now I realize they weren't reffering to Phenom IIs, but I believe they weren't that far of the thruth either. Sometimes that causes early failure of the board because it's delivering more power than it can safely handle for too long.

Songzee Jan 9,9: I make a very decent amount of money off of selling home-built computers. I owe you one. The EPS connector is the 8 pin connector, which is rated for twice the power W. It is best to simply make sure that you have enough power for the CPU. The board might be rated for the regular models which are mostly 95W for Phenom and Phenom IIbut not for the W Black Editions with the same model numbers.

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It's oftentimes greatly exaggerated for safety's sake and simplicity. Ask a new question. There aren't any modern CPUs without significant overclocking where a 4 pin is not good enough, but it's also not difficult to find decent motherboards and PSUs that have 8 pins anyway. However, no modern CPU needs an 8 pin connector and slot unless it is overclocked and many especially Intel's Ivy Bridge CPUs can still get safely away with a 4 pin even when highly overclocked.

The 4 and 8 pin connectors and sockets are inter-compatible. I have to sell a lot of them to make any serious profit, but it works, especially as a hobby that pays for itself. Ok, so the connector itself provides the necessary power, but maybe -just maybe- the power isn't necessarily sustained.

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Should I be worried in long term usage as in prolonged uptime - which is not the case or even in short usages, about hours of intensive gaming could harm the board somehow? It took me about a week, but using PMT it really uses that multiplier correctly.

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The 4-pin power connector is plenty for a W chip. Any less for CPU power consumption and it doesn't really matter. However, as said above, some PSUs lie.

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The power supply needs to be matched for the job. We would have preferred that you open a new thread, but alright.

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