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I hope someday someone exposes this casino as a fraudulent operation that should be shut down permanently. These were a popular item and some people and you will see them at every buffet mound their plates so high, that not everyone gets a fare sampling. Our first round through, I forgot I had my camera and didn't take any photos.

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I have no patience for cracking crab legs, and with the shrimp putting me off, I didn't have any. I would not want to pay the higher price though for that fish and chips. Cant remember what the other person had.

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The worst part is that this will continue as long as those senile seniors keep coming by the busload. However, the quality can often be poor, which is bad. I should have used some ranch or something.

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I guess the beginning is as good a place to start as anywhere. This is items?

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The Rideau Carleton Raceway. On my way out that night I saw one guy with a big pile of wings on his plate and a jumbo bottle of Tabasco sauce. This plays preys on them and it's also ridiculous how they hog the machines that might pay. She told me, in honesty and earnestness that the weekday buffet had the same number of items she stressed thatbut that the recipes weren't as thrusholm slot as tonight's.

So how was the wings going to fare? And then there was. Let me say it again, they were not as 'RICH' as tonight's. We shouldn't have to settle for this. Bonus rounds give very little back, the video slots are programmed to deliver way too many dead or low spins and the variety is lacking compared to other OLG casinos.

Their size was about a small to medium. They were tender, meaty, and had a tasty bbq sauce on them. I'm not writing this to be a 'hater' but to let the pubs and restaurants and even the grocery stores know that the good people here deserve better for the prices they are paying.

These were terrible wings no matter which way you slice it. There was a long table with 'main' dishes, then another table for salads. My plate got some potato salad, some ribs, chicken wings I'll come back to the wings and ribs in a minute and a couple of skewers of grilled shrimp. I felt that the menu was very limited, not nearly as much to choose from as I remember from the past.

On my second trip I picked up about 5 more, but by the 3rd after eating 6 I was not enjoying them anymore. The shrimp was blah - and dry and the grilling didn't actually add anything. Our waitress got our drink orders and we were off to the buffet. Tonight is Saturday night! Chips were also just ok, again something like would come out of a bag of frozen fries. These wings were breaded. The only thing that looked good was the club sandwich that one of us had, and said was good.

But I have rarely met a wing I won't eat.

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I wanted to give a 2 rating, but our server was very nice and helpful, so going to give a 3 star. The colour wasn't very appealing to me either. We were a party of five, and the service was excellent as usual.

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