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For the comfort of all patrons, mobile phones must not be used whilst at the gaming tables or poker tables during a hand. Do you ever gamble for longer than you had planned?

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Talk about it with someone you trust; your family, a friend, a counsellor or call the GamCare Helpline. The more you do this the more absorbed you become in the activity.

We will not enter into discussion in respect of any potential prize that may or may not have been won where a Customer makes a Claim in relation to a ticket that they do not physically possess at the time they make the Claim.

CCTV is used for the protection and security of Aspers staff, property and customers. We reserve the right to amend our Rules.

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Protection of Customer Funds 6. The Proprietor will provide the casino with the premises and all reasonable necessities for carrying on the business of the casino in accordance with its objects and these rules.

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We deliver this success within the UK gambling legislative framework, working with our regulator through our management and compliance teams. Complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverage menu options — terms and conditions apply.

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All prizes on offer are clearly displayed at the Loyalty Club desk. Any defaced or photocopied prize voucher or similar will not be accepted. Consider setting financial limits by limiting the amount of money that can be withdrawn at the cash desk.

Privacy Policy

Speak to GamCare Freephone or online or through face-to-face counselling. Players must handover their membership card when redeeming prizes at the Loyalty Club desk. Any Member who has opted out may apply to re-join the program. The Proprietor has absolute discretion to require any patron found in possession or suspected of being in possession of any electrical, mechanical or computerised article or device for use in component within the Casino premises to leave the premises and where appropriate to suspend, terminate membership or not allow access to the Casino.

Prize wheel tokens placed real casino ico review the Super Wheel is in motion will be deemed void. Experian Identification Check 8. Invitations to exclusive VIP events and tailored experiences.

Gold cardholders are entitled to two starters, real casino ico review mains, two sides and two desserts. Vouchers are not for resale.

We believe that a well-structured and organised corporate business with well-trained management and staff is essential to our success. Aspers World Passenger Card Passenger cardholders will be eligible for the following benefits: In the interests of safety of all patrons and staff, patrons must be prepared to offer any hand luggage, bags, carriers or the like for inspection by the Proprietors staff appointed to that duty.

To provide patrons with opportunities for lawful gaming and other social and recreational facilities including the provision of food and refreshments. Any customer who is barred or excluded branch delay slot mips the premises under any circumstance will not be allowed to take up the free bet offer.

Valid for use on a straight up roulette bet only. The Proprietor is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its staff, patrons on the premises so far as is reasonable and practicable and the proprietor will comply with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice.

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Freeplay Xtra balances will be expired once a customer has been inactive for a period of three months. The Proprietor or Company Officers may from time to time repeal or amend these rules as they see fit for the wellbeing of the casino and its patrons.