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To read about what you can and can't bring back to Canada, and the limits, go to the Canada Customs Site To read about what you can and can't bring back to the U. When you reach the terminal there will likely be a photographer, who will take your picture with two pretty Dominican girls.

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Money Exchange There is usually a Bank Exchange at the hotel and you can exchange your money there for Dominican pesos, and cash traveller's cheques. When we returned to the Duty Free Shop, the clerk exchanged both bottles immediately.

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If a minor child is not leaving the Dominican Republic with the same people they arrived with, the parents or legal guardians must provide to the new companion, a letter of consent, legalized at the nearest Dominican Republic Consulate to the parents' residence. My sister did not notice this until fifteen minutes later when she was in the duty free shop and opened her purse to find the money gone.

The official banks and larger change banks have methods of detecting false bills so your chance of receiving bad stuff is less. If it looks like every chair has a towel on it Water pressure is not the best at some of these hotels so please keep that in mind.

We had two bottles of a name brand product of the same SPS factor resorts slot machines one did not work very well and it turned out to be the one not rated as sweatproof. The dealers are usually women and are switched constantly especially if the customers win a lot. Specif if you want alcohol in your drink or not.

Rent a car or scooter if you wish - but keep in mind driving can be treacherous in the DR and insurance problems after an accident can be a nightmare.

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All tips are included in your package. Debra One thing I think someone should add for comments is that you can't bring back conch shells nor coral as the Air Transat rep told us as long as we didn't take the black ones we were alright yet I had my confiscated at the airport as they're considered endangered species.

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Please be carefull and make sure your vacation is not spent in your room. At some hotels the remotes are already in the room Where do I go?

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It happened to us on our 25th wedding anniversary, our luggage was "lost" for 24 hours. But please do not save chairs in the a. If you do decide to let them carry them, always keep an eye on your luggage and make sure you know what bus your bags have to go on.

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So, a word of advise for all travellers, if you're going to buy carvings or other wood products, make sure you inspect them carefully for holes or anything irregular. However, we have brought back from our trips Cuba and DR things like maracas, walking sticks, wood carvings, etc. Saving chairs - You come down to the beach or pool hoping to find a nice spot and you see dozens of chairs covered resorts slot machines towels but no one around.

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We though we were pretty well informed and we know we're not supposed to bring back things like seashells, animals, vegetation, black coral, etc. There have been allegations against various hotel casinos in the DR about certain games that are scams, often run by Americans, where people have lost thousands of dollars. Keep the other one in a safe place.