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Admitting that he didn't know all the new rules yet, he Duels and defeats Richie with " The Wicked Eraser " as part of Yako's plan to provide energy for the RA Project, and he took the one-of-a-kind black Duel Disk that only the top Card Professor was allowed to wear, claiming that he was number-one top Card Professor.

Dark Yugiwho had caught up to Jonouchi, reminded Keith of the forty card rule. Yugi realized he was not Jonouchi and asked what he was doing. When the others left the party, Keith hid in the hall and watched which bedrooms they went into.

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After Banias's loss, he angrily beat him up, claiming his debt had doubled, but the beating had caused Banias to pass out. Keith helped Kozuka throughout the Duel. The two then Dueled against each other once again.

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To give an example, he showed him his extra Decks he had smuggled into the tournament. After the Duel with Jonouchi, Keith slumped up against the wall; collapsed.

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He also used the non-Machine, Zoato lure Jonouchi into attacking, before turning it into " Metalzoa ", using " Metalmorph ". During this confrontation, he definition of shooting craps a new Machine Deck, composed of the " Motor " series, as well as the " The Wicked Eraser ".

He then presented "The Honor of the King's Right" and reminded Jonouchi he also needed one to sit at the table.

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The following events from Yu-Gi-Oh! He was startled by the sound of Jonouchi threatening to beat him, but then realized he was just talking in his sleep.

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Dark Yugi admonished him on disrespecting a Duelist's battlefield, but Keith asked if Jonouchi has the right to be called a Duelist. Jonouchi continued to ignore him, and Keith lost his temper, threatening to shoot Jonouchi if he didn't turn and face him.

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Keith had used Yako's own desire for revenge to help lure Jonouchi to him; he cracks up at how easily the kid believed everything he said. Kaiba replied that he thought that distinction was to be made by "prize hunting hyenas", such as Keith, while they hunted for their next feast.

But when "The Eraser" was destroyed, its black blood drenched the field and enveloped the two Duelists in darkness, which was dispelled when Jonouchi defeated Keith.

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Honda dropped down and noticed Keith too, but Jonouchi appeared to have missed him, and Keith laughed, commenting that he hadn't felt this good since waking up for the first time. As he left the room, Yugi also came out of his room, having heard Jonouchi shouting, and asked if he was okay.

Keith was furious that Jonouchi had stolen his card, but Jonouchi suggested he hand over something better after Jonouchi won this time - namely the black Duel Disk.

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