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Security of Intellectual Property As a Windows desktop application the customer retains full control over access to game IP. The price is in that range where its significant but reasonable compared to the alternatives - there would be no business otherwise.

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Reporting Displays statistics in an easy to use format within the tools, with interactive data grids, and charts. There's also mentions of it in the LinkedIn game design groups, from people other than myself. Regardless of casino live free chips you do the maths you should be building the logic of the game in code anyway, and run code simulations to double check the math design.

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Export of game statistics as Microsoft Excel spread sheets. Visually compare profiles of different games and see the effect of changes within the game.

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Its not aimed at companies that are paying staff 3rd world rates. Easy configuration of standard elements of games, slot designer price meters, reel positions, paylines, timing, animations. Free games, free games with multiples of the base game pay rules.

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You really have to understand what you are doing using Excel and its quite easy to make mistakes, which adds up to spending a more slot designer price on it. Export of game statistics in XML format for easy integration with other programs, including custom math development tools.

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Exceptionally high speed and interactivity encourages experimentation. Powerful game performance optimization tools Model player experience across many separate play sessions, and provides statistical analysis, replay selected sessions in play with a prototype. It's actually my software product, but I'll attempt to be unbiased.

Different artwork and audio for feature game. Excel is a general purpose tool and Slot Designer is specifically designed for Slots. Generates Microsoft Excel Reports.

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It's going to cost real money though, as its skilled work and there's not all that many experienced people doing it. Slot Designer is aimed at companies that are making money doing games, and especially where development time and game quality are important.

If you're doing this for fun and not making any money then stick with Excel. Many types of analysis, including theoretical calculations, full cycle simulations, Monte Carlo random simulations, and more. There are one and two person companies using Slot Designer and very large ones alsobut they are real businesses making money.

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Reports statistics, including RTP, when playing game prototypes so that the play experience can be fully understood. Companies are paying, and they wouldn't do that if it wasn't worth it.

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Otherwise, you could also hire a consultant to do the math design, and that's a viable approach.