Slot patch antenna design,

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For efficient radiation, patch parameters are determined as illustrated in the following steps; Step One: International Journal of Information and Communication Sciences. Use of multiple patches was suggested by [ 7 ] but the ripples as observed from the return loss plot when used in practical application can interfere with adjacent frequencies. The substrate used in the proposed antenna is the flame resistant four FR-4 with a dielectric constant of 4.

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In recent years, the inventions in communication systems require the development of low cost, minimal weight, compact and low profile antennas that are capable of maintaining high performance over a wide spectrum of frequencies. Furthermore, the dimensions of the patch and feed line are determined and the feed line is placed properly to resonate at 2.

Antenna Design Procedure For design, the procedure starts with the calculation of the length and width of conventional single band microstrip patch nyt dansk online casino using standard antenna design equations from [ 210 ] at 2. January 14, Abstract: The former design, when used in arrays, has certain limitations like complicated beam forming or duplexing network and difficulty in realizing good radiation patterns at both bands.

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This technological trend has focused much effort in the design of microstrip patch antennas because of its inherent characteristics that fits the requirements of modern communication devices. The second technique provides more flexibility with separate feed system as beams in each frequency band can be controlled independently.

A lot of papers have been published highlighting different techniques of using dual frequency operation to enhance bandwidth [ 3 - 9 ] but the method proposed in this paper gives more versatility of mounting the antenna both on planar and non-planar surfaces aside using for mobile devices.

Introduction The inventions of new wireless communication systems have increased the demand for antennas capable of being embedded in portable devices which serve as WLAN, mobile or terrestrial-satellite transceivers. Then the modifications of the antenna structure are carried out to create dual resonance. The results show that the antenna has a corresponding bandwidth of This paper presents the design and simulation of a compact rectangular slot patch antenna for dual frequency operation at 2.

Slotted square patch with inset feed was proposed by [ 10 ], it was supposed to cover 2.

The proposed antenna may find applications in wireless local area network WLAN and Bluetooth technology. Dual band operation can be slot patch antenna design from a single feed using slot loaded or stacked microstrip antenna or two separately fed antennas sharing a common aperture [ 5 ]. December 28, ; Published: Volume 1, Issue 3, DecemberPages: With time and increased demand for sophistication, electronic devices have become smaller in size and hence antennas required for radiating or receiving signals have also become smaller and lightweight [ 12 ].

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October 16, ; Accepted: The first design step is to choose a suitable dielectric substrate of appropriate thickness h. Udofia To cite this article: The loss due to surface waves can be neglected when h satisfies the criterion in Equation 1 according to [ 10 ] given as: Another Square slotted patch with quarter-wave edge feed was proposed by [ 11 ] which resonated at 2.