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Hey whats up guys Vadez here and in this video i show you how to make 3 different types of chest in Unturned!

Unturned ➤ How To Craft In 3.0 [unturned 3.0 Update Crafting & Map Overview]

Follow me on Twitter! Don't forget to subscribe for more Unturned tutorial Thank you have a good day! Well use a chest! If you need any help, leave a comment. Unturned - E03 "storage Prep" In episode 3 the hilltop base camp near Charlottetown is expanded via the grey eagle casino events seating of three new chests in which to store goods.

If you were wondering where you store your items in Unturned here is how to craft your first way of storing items.

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Remember to like and subscribe for more unturned! There is an occasional glitch that will lock the owner, and anyone else, out of the chest.

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Crap you like, but don't really need right there and then! In the beginning you will die a lot until you establish a bed and crate.

How To Make a Bed This video teaches people how to craft a bed. Crates are basically chests and are used to store items. This tutorial teaches you how to quickly create a bed roll. How to make crates, chests and lockers! Chest Crafting Today we work on making the single most critical crafted item: Time to settle down!

The chest is not accessible by anyone except the player who created it and members of their group making it a good way to store valuables. Unturned 6 slot chest doesn't allow friends to open it, unless they're a group member. Unturned How To 3: It is has a cool place to put a bedroll in, so no one will see it.

Unturned - How To Craft Large Storage Chest

In this episode, we look at the new crafting recipe menus, in-game map, birch and maple trees, and destructible vehicles! There is currently no known fix.

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Sorry about the quality, my rendering messed up somehow and I didn't realize it. Prev Rand Partner with Freedom!

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Unturned - How To Craft Large Storage Chest Unturned is a free to play zombie survival game on steam The purpose of this video is to show how to craft large storage boxes and where to set up for a global PvP inventory so you can store your gear and get back to the action!

Disadvantages The Chest is 0. Crates In this video I will show you how to craft a Crate in Unturned 2. In this video I show you how to make the best storage available in Unturned! The wooden chest or crate holds up to 4 items and is pretty easy to craft. Unturned is a "Free 2 play" zombie survival sandbox with building, crafting, driving, h Alternatively, if you have access to a Handsawit takes a total of 14 Boards, 6 of which will be turned into sticks.

The video is useful for YouTube audiences because it shows gameplay covering clothes Items inside the chest are protected from theft. Any chests placed before entering a group will remain private to the one who placed it Like any other storage item, the chest has no weight limit, meaning items can be infinitely stacked unlike your player inventory.

It is the third option that players can use to store items.

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